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Also within the historic centre stands the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which dates back to the 13th century.  It was remodelled at the beginning of the 16th century and is now Lenola’s principal church.  It has a pair of curved stairways that lead up to an arched portico which is flanked by a tall bell tower.  

Other local places of worship to be found near Lenola include:

The Sanctuary of  the Madonna del Colle.

The church of San Rocco, near to Piazza Colonello Pandozzi, was built in 1527 and originally dedicated to Santa Maria degli Angeli.

The church of San Biagio is situated near to Piazza Lago. San Biagio, the martyr and Bishop of Sebastein Armenia, is the patron saint of  pains and diseases of the throat. He is said to have healed a child who was choking on a fish bone.

In the district of le "Camminate" the remains of the Cappella delle Benigne Grazie can be found. This church dates from the 10th century and contained a fresco of the late Byzantine period.

2 km from Lenola are the remains of the Chiesa della Madonna del Latte, founded in 587 AD on the remains of a pagan temple. The name is rerived from a painting that depicted the Virgin suckling the Christ Child.

The remains of the church and Sanctuary of Santa Croce, founded by the Roman magistrate Bartolo on the ruins of a pagan temple.  Bartolo is said to have converted to Christianity.  It was the largest church in Lenola until the Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore was built. On an exterior wall there was a tiled majolica design depicting the Last Supper.

The small church of San Bernardo is located in the hamlet Vallebernardo. It was opened for worship in 1956.

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